Honor/Strength tattoo

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Honor/Strength tattoo

My Tattoo Story

I got this tattoo when I went into the Navy. I wanted strength and honor written down the back of each arm. I thought that these were core values my military training stressed so they were important enough in my daily life to have tattooed permanently on my body.
Now that I have made the military my life this strength tattoo reminds me everyday of the values I should practice. I had always expected to get tattoos but had not really considered what I wanted for my first tattoo. I got the honor/strength tattoos on the backs of my arms because I can cover them easily and because they fit well with my body there. I had thought about the values that the military gave me and made a list of about 10 things before picking strength and honor to tattoo on my arms. I chose the font because I wanted something visible and clean lined for the strength/honor tattoo to reflect the same uniformity in my career.

When and Where

I got the tattoo when I was stationed in virginia. My parents live there still and my dad took me to the same tattoo studio he gets his work done at. That made it more special to me because he got to be with me getting the honor/strength tattoo done. I got the strength/honor tattoos done in 2009 I think, it’s been a while.

The Experience

It did not feel too bad. It was uncomfortable to have to sit with my arms twisted back for the artist to be able to reach the area but the top part of the S in strength and H in honor was by far the most tender part of the arm to tattoo. I guess it was because it was close to my arm pit. I wasn’t nervous, I guess because I didn’t really think about the pain I just thought about getting the tattoos and being done with it. It took a little over an hour total, about 20-30 minutes for each tattoo with a little break between.

The Future

I will get more tattoos for sure. I would like to have something more to honor my service and I am thinking of getting a USN anchor tattoo like the one my dad has for his service. I think by putting things that are important to my values on my body my tattoos will always have meaning and I won’t have any tattoos I regret.

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