Gothic tinkerbell tattoo

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Gothic tinkerbell tattoo

My Tattoo Story

19 year old girl who was verry middle America. Blond hair blue eyea never wore makeup and was still pretty. She loved tink, but wonted tink in a way thaty showed how she felt, not looked. She got thid tattoo on the shin bone just over the foot. She sat like a champ and came out smileing! Every time I ssee the goth tink now I think of her she died last year on I-10 she wasnt driving, and she hadnt reached her 21st birthday.

When and Where

This was done last year when I was just learning to tattoo. This was done in the house,I am now in a shop and am under my last year in training. I cant wait to get to tattoo agean!

The Experience

This was within the first 10 tats I had done.

The Future

I hope I do the shop proud that took me in

gothic, tinkerbell


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