flip flop tattoo

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flip flop tattoo

My Tattoo Story

I wanted to get a flip flop tattoo ever since I got a key chain with little flip flops at the beach a couple of summers ago. I loved the cute little shoes and I thought the flip flops were just the cutest thing. I wanted to get them tattooed to cover up an old taz I had done years ago but the artist said that it wouldn’t work. To make the idea work we added the lotus flower underneath it. The lotus had to be dark because the taz tattoo underneath it and that’s why the flip flops wouldn’t work on their own. I think it turned out really great. The flip fops only have meaning to remind me o the summer, and the key chain my daughter bought me. I would like to say that my tattoos had meanings but obviously since I had a taz under the flip flop tattoo that would be a pretty big lie.

When and Where

I got the tattoo done at Poked You tattoo in Indiannapolis. The guy that owns it did a really great job. It was done in 2007. I’m from there but I just happened to be driving past that tattoo parlor a lot on my way to work and decided to stop in one day.

The Experience

The experience wasn’t bad. I experienced a fair amount of pain though! The worst part was where it went onto my ankle bone. the taz tattoo was fairly low but the lotus had to cover that so it went even lower and was right on the bone. It felt like my foot was being sawed off. The whole tattoo took about an hour to do, we didn’t take breaks or anything but we did talk a lot. I brought friends with to distract me from the pain of the flip flop tattoo. The pain was bad down on the bone but the rest of the flip flops wasn’t bad. I wasn’t really nervous about the tattoo because I had thought about covering the taz for a while. I hadn’t necessarily thought about it long enough to psych myself out, but I definitely thought about it enough to talk myself out of stopping a few times. I was nervous waiting for the tattoo to be set up once I actually went in to get it done but once we started I was too busy ouching.

The Future

I might get other tattoos. I thought about getting something for my kids, but I dont want to just to name tattoos. I would like to get something for them but I’m not sure what would work good. Possibly their birth flowers tattooed. I do like portrait tattoos but they’re really expensive so I dont think I’d be able to do that, plus they take a long time.

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