Cross tattoo in Memory of my Grandma

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Cross  tattoo in Memory of my Grandma

My Tattoo Story

My Grandma died in 2009 I wanted to get something to remember her so my mom took me to get my first tattoo. I wanted a cross because we’re christian and the little heart because I loved my grandma very much. The banner says “maw maw” because that’s what we always called her. I put her date of birth and the day she died in there because it’s supposed to be for her. The phrase underneath is something mom came up with but I really liked. I wanted it done in grandma’s handwriting but obviously that would have been really difficult. I might get a portrait of her added someday or something.
I hadn’t really thought about what I wanted to get for my first tattoo but I knew I wanted one. Mom said I would have to wait a little longer but then I asked for this one after Maw Maw died and she said ok and I wanted to get it done.
The tattoo means a lot to me because it’s for my grandma. The pink heart faded a lot so I will have to get that done again soon.

When and Where

I got the tattoo done at Main Street Tattoo in Salem Va in 2009. The shop is really small and it seemed really quiet because there was no one else there the entire time. The studio is close to where I go to high school. It is just off the interstate so it’s really easy to find. They have a big sign that says Tattoos so you can’t miss it. Mom drove me there but we drive by it all the time anyway so I knew I wanted to get it done there.

The Experience

It was ok. It didn’t hurt as bad as I expected. Lots of my friends have tattoos and they all said they hurt really bad but I didn’t cry or anything. I was kinda nervous because I didn’t know what to expect when I got it done. Mom was there holding my hand the entire time so that made it a lot easier to do. It didn’t take very long, only about an hour or so but it seemed like it took forever while it was being done. The outline hurt the most out of everything. It seemed like the studio was really cold at first but then got really hot while she was tattooing me. I did think I was going to pass out at one point but we took a break and it was ok after that.

The Future

If I get another tattoo it will probably also be to remember someone by. I can’t think of any tattoos that I want at the moment but maybe some flowers for my mom on my foot.

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