Cover up with Flowers

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Cover up with Flowers

My Tattoo Story

Originally I had a feather tattoo with some beads on my arm. It was really old and looked ratty so I wanted to cover it. I saw plenty of really pretty flower tattoos. I hadn’t chosen any particular flowers but when I went and talked to an artist about it I wanted to get something that wasn’t the same as everyone else. The artist suggested the flowers in the tattoo. I really liked the orchids because I haven’t seen many orchid tattoos. I did ask for the fire lilies at the top of the tattoo because they’re one of my favorite flowers. I really wanted the tattoo to be as colorful as possible which is why I chose flowers to tattoo. The flower tattoo doesn’t have any meaning but I had thought about covering up the feather tattoo for a while. I asked the artist what would be best to cover it with and she suggested a flower tattoo which I really liked. I had been planning on covering the feathers tattoo for a couple of years but hadn’t actually gone into a studio and talked to an artist about it. I think getting a tattoo that has meaning is a really good idea so I was a bit sad that my flower tattoo didn’t have meaning but it’s all good.

When and Where

I got the tattoo done at Skin City in Durham NC. My girl Debi did the tattoo, she did an awesome job and I definitely want to get more tattoos from her, my husband gets tattooed by her too. I got the tattoo in 2010 and I’m going to get another from her soon. The studio is really easy to find, it’s right off of I40 on 15-501. I love going there because it has a great atmosphere. It’s a bit of a drive, we used to get tattooed by Debi near our house but now it’s like a 2 hour drive to go to the studio but we trust her work so it’s worth it.

The Experience

The tattoo took forever. It was about 3 hours total and we didn’t take many breaks. We took one break for a while because I felt a bit woozy so I had something to eat. The worst part of the tattoo was the fire lilies, it burned a lot going up onto the top of my shoulder. The closest part to the inner arm also burned a lot. I wasn’t nervous because I’ve had tattoos before so i knew what to expect when I got the flowers tattooed.

The Future

I have plans on getting another tattoo real soon. I want a Celtic cross and some tiger lilies tattooed on the other arm about the same size to match. I love the work she does so I’ve been real keen about getting another piece. I want the Celtic cross tattoo because I find the knot work really pretty but its still a cross at the end of the day and it shows I’m christian.

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