Cherokee Warrior tattoo

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Cherokee Warrior tattoo

My Tattoo Story

I am 1/8 Cherokee and I wanted something to represent my heritage. I’ve seen a lot of people with feather tattoos and feather band tattoos that they say are for their native american heritage but I wanted something more manly. I thought a warrior would be a much more manly choice than a bunch of feathers. I like to think that the warrior is one of my ancestors that I am honoring by getting this tattoo. The cherokee were a very powerful people so I wanted something to show that about my people. The tattoo means a lot to me because it’s my heritage. It’s who I am. I had been planning to get a cherokee tattoo for a while but had not made any certain decisions about what I wanted to show my heritage. I came up with the warrior and asked the guy that does my sisters tattoo to draw something up. I found a warrior tattoo online that was what I wanted but it was kinda crap, I had the artist redraw the warrior tattoo a couple of times until it was exactly what I wanted. He found some really awesome old photographs of native american warriors to work from but they weren’t really manly looking so I had her beef him up a bit.

When and Where

I got the tattoo done in 2010, I dont remember the studio name, it was where my sister lives in virginia. I go and see her pretty often so it seemed like a good idea to go to her artist since she trusts them.

The Experience

I wasn’t nervous, I mean it’s just a tattoo. I was pretty excited to get it done, I had to wait cos the studio was busy so it was about a week before I could get an appointment to get the warrior tattoo done. It took about 3 hours to do, probably longer I don’t remember for sure. It was a long time though, I mean it’s a fairly big tattoo so that’s understandable. The worst part of the cherokee tattoo was the background where it started to wrap around on to the front and back of my arm, the skin there is a bit tender I guess. I was pretty sore all over after about 3 hours. I did have to get some soda because I felt sick at one point but I didn’t pass out or anything.

The Future

I will get more tattoos but I haven’t decided what. I did originally say I was going to get the inside of my arm done but I think I need to forget how much the warrior hurt when it got close to there before I do. I might get some more native american tattoo designs done or at least something to do with my heritage. I have a tribal band tattoo on the other arm that I want to cover up but I dunno what I’d put there. Maybe an eagle tattoo or something.

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