Bull rider rodeo with a sunset

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Bull rider rodeo with a sunset

My Tattoo Story

I have been riding bulls in competition since I was a kid. I’ve won a bunch of competitions and finally got a championship buckle when I was 18. To celebrate my dad took me to get a tattoo and I thought it was only fitting to get a rodeo tattoo. The bull tattoo has a lot of meaning for me because it was my first championship and I got it with my dad. I hadn’t planned on getting a rodeo tattoo or a particular tattoo at all until I won the championship. I had thought about tattoos but my focus was on my riding. I added the cross in the background of the bull tattoo because I wanted something in there to show that it was my faith in god that got me to the championship and that He helped me win. I think it looks a bit too much like a cactus though. The artist suggested the silhouette and the sunset because otherwise it might have looked a bit like a cartoon tattoo. I’d like the cowboy tattoo anyway even if it did. I guess it’s cos I’m southern.

When and Where

I got the tattoo done in Salem Va in 2009 after I won the championship. We live a couple of hours away and drove there for the rodeo so we were in town anyway. The studio is called Mainsteet Tattoo. It’s close by the fairground where we were staying in the trailer so that was the only reason we found it and went there for the rodeo tattoo.

The Experience

It wasn’t what I expected. I was pretty pumped up about winning the championship so I guess it was the adrenaline getting me through. I guess that’s why I didn’t really think about nervous about getting the bull tattoo. I think the bit closest to the middle of my chest was the worst cos the pressure and vibration made it so hard to breathe. The rodeo tattoo took about an hour total. We didn’t take any breaks but I was dying for a smoke by the end of it. I wanted to just get it finished and done with.

The Future

I know I’m gonna get more tattoos. I have thought about getting more rodeo tattoo stuff but I dunno. I’m really into cars so many like a classic mustang tattoo, or a john deer tattoo is also kinda cool. I thought about putting my gf’s name on my arm but I think I’ll wait on that. I’ve heard it’s bad luck to get names tattooed.

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