Creating Your Affiliate Link

The first step is to get a ClickBank account. You can sign up for ClickBank HERE (takes about 2 minutes).

When your ClickBank account is ready, the next step is to create your affiliate link or your "hop link" as it's also called.

Your Affiliate/Hop Link:

Replace xxxxxx with your ClickBank nickname.

Now you're ready to begin promoting your unique affiliate link. From now on, everytime someone clicks on your personal link and goes ahead to orders one of our memberships you will get paid 75% of either of our memberships (which currently cost $27 and $37).

On average our affiliate make approx. $21 per sale, which can add up pretty quickly as you can probably imagine. Making just 2 sales a day will generate a nice little income of $1260 a month. What would that kind of extra money every month do for you?